Pike Road School

In 1997, Pike Road became the first incorporated town in Montgomery County other than the city of Montgomery.  However, the community of Pike Road is much older.  In fact, Pike Road was home to the very first consolidated school in Montgomery County all the way back in 1918.

In the fall of 1918, the Montgomery County Board of Education opened the Pike Road School.  It originally sat on thirty acres and cost $40,000.  The school's concept was novel enough to have it included as part of Alabama's exhibit eight years later at the Sesqui-Centennial International Exposition, a 1926 world's fair in Philadelphia.  The school had 27 graduating classes, and from 1945 to 1970 it continued to operate as a junior high school.  

In 2010, the town of Pike Road created the Pike Road Schools system, and on August 13, 2015 the new Pike Road School opened off Marler Road.  The first campus is currently housing kindergarten through eighth graders, and the first school year will conclude in a little over a month.  In October 2015, Pike Road announced they had purchased the old Pike Road School building, as well as the surrounding 26 acres.  Current plans have the building being renovated and re-opened in January 2017.  I've included an artist's rendering of the old Pike Road School property, followed by a rendering of the new school building.

Historic Pike Road School rendering (image courtesy of the Town of Pike Road)

New Pike Road School site rendering (image courtesy of the Town of Pike Road)

The next two photos show the historical marker and a recent shot of the old school building, pre-renovation.  The text of the marker is in the middle.

Pike Road School historical marker, Pike Road, Montgomery County, Alabama

Pike Road School

Montgomery County’s first school to consolidate rural, one-room school houses into grades one through twelve opened November 11, 1918. The school was built by the Montgomery County Board of Education on 30 acres of land at a cost of $40,000 with monies loaned and donated by families from surrounding settlements. Hailed by the U.S. Commissioner of Education when it was featured in the Alabama Exhibit at the 1926 Sesquicentennial International Exposition in Philadelphia, the school subsequently attracted foreign educators from Europe and South America interested in observing the system. The last graduating class was in 1945; the school remained a junior high school until its closing in May 1970.
— Sponsored by the Pike Road School Alumni Association - Alabama Historical Association - 1997

Old Pike Road School building, Pike Road, Montgomery County, Alabama

I definitely plan on revisiting this topic when the building re-opens.  The town of Pike Road encompasses several fascinating old historical communities, and I'll be watching with great interest as they strive to be a fully functioning 21st century town.