An Introduction

This site exists because I decided to "borrow" the idea from a friend, but we'll come back to that in a bit.

My family moved to Montgomery just before I turned seven.  I left the state for college, and then went to a third state for grad school, and never really intended to come back other than on the occasional visit.  Ah, good intentions.  I ended up back in Montgomery, and in the not too distant future I'll mark a full decade here as an "adult".  

Growing up here, I was aware of some of the history.  We learned about Dr. King and the bus boycott, and we went on field trips to Fort Toulouse, or Old Alabama Town, but this was home.  The really exciting parts of history happened across oceans near castles, or far away from here at battlegrounds, or in old parts of big cities with cobbled streets.  I knew some of the basics about this area, but I didn't appreciate its layers or complexities.

Let's go back to my friend.  He's a history guy too, and several weeks ago he told me he was going to start a blog.  He grew up in southern Tennessee, but he's established himself as an "adult" working in Nashville, but living in Murfreesboro.  His idea was to start a blog exploring the history of Murfreesboro.  I'm putting words in his mouth here, but I think he was hoping that it would let him exercise that history part of his brain, it would "force" him to get out and learn more about the history lurking all around him, and maybe it would even lead him to interact with like minded individuals in the area.  I can relate to all three ideas.

So, here we are.  I'm going to dig into the history of Montgomery.  I'm going to start with the historical markers around town.  You know those big brass plaques on posts you might see in front of an old building, or driving down an old road on a family vacation?  Do you have any idea how many of those we have in Montgomery County?  Neither did I.  But I know now.  If you stick around, you'll find out, too.

I'd like to use the markers as a springboard.  I'd love to eventually get suggestions from readers.  Hit the "Contact" page up top to send me a message that way, or hit me up through one of the social media sites or my email address.  I promise, if you send me an idea, I'll get back to you.

In closing, check out my friend's site.  It's called Hidden Murfreesboro, and you can click here to get there.  Not only did he inspire this site, but he created the logo for me.  The original concept was mine, but he made it real, and then he added the cross from the state flag.  I think it really ties things together.

My plan is to have two posts a week to start, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.  So, if you're reading this when it's new, come back in a few days.  Follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to the RSS feed so you'll get a reminder when a new post hits.  Thanks for checking this out.